Imagine earning your own share of the American business by selling great-tasting coffee that supports ministries & church outreach.

C offee in the U.S. is an 18 billion dollar industry. With a small investment, you can take part in its success and sell premium St. Java’s coffee to your family and friends. They’ll love the taste (and the cause too). If they love it enough, you can sponsor them to sell fresh coffee alongside you.

St. Java’s philosophy is HOPEhelping other people excel.

You can sell the coffee of the world to help the needy of the world.

Visit our friends at the Globelink Foundation to learn more about assisting with global needs.

Join the coffee revolution—it’s good for you.

Live Longer

Drinking three cups of coffee a day has shown to reduce all cause mortality risk.

Live Healthier

Coffee consumption has been linked with reduced rates of many diseases.

Live Eager

A cup of coffee makes you more alert and helps get everything in your life done.

Yearly amount an average consumer spends on coffee.
Number of daily American coffee drinkers.
How many cups of coffee Amercians drink weekly.

Ready to place
an order with us?

St. Java’s is sold by authorized, independent distributors. They each have a direct supply connection to us, and ordering from them is the easiest way to go. But if you want your taste buds swimming in delicious coffee in no time, then see for yourself why St. Java’s is the best coffee in the Kingdom!

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