St. Java's Coffee Program
3x2 Matrix (3x2CM)

When you join St. Java's Coffee Program (for $150 one-time fee) you get 3 - 12 ounce bags of coffee. You will have access to ordering and selling coffee using your own website and back office. You will have access to Sponsor Benefits as part of the reward program. The reward program will have a 3 x 2 Matrix - 5 levels deep payout structure. We require members to sponsor their first 3 people with in 60 days of joining. Also we require that you sponsor a minimum of 1 person every 60 days to stay active with the program. Working with your sponsor and new members will aid in the triggering the payment lines upon completion of cycles with in the matrix. Upon sponsoring your 3rd member into your first matrix will qualify for the awards program. Each person who completes a cycle in the matrix for the CM program will receive $500. The first four cycles will qualify for the $500 payment and upon the fifth cycle and there after will pay out $5,000 for completion cycle.

Matrix Program Cycle Rewards (MPR) Cycle

  • 1-$500
  • 2-$500
  • 3-$500
  • 4-$500
  • 5-$5,000 (for each cycle after 5th with the Matrix)


Each member should work with all 12 team members and see that all 12 cycle for the best results. This helps make you and your team strong. We use the acronym H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Excel).

The 2Up Plan Autoship (T2UP-A)

Upon joining CM you can select to opt in or out of the T2UP-A at a reoccurring $50 per month offering of gratitude for being introduce to the CM program and helping grow the program for their family to prosper. This monthly offering cannot be deducted from the rewards payments from the CM program. This offering will be a separate charge each month to your credit card on file or Rewards Payment Service Provider. The $50 offering will be drafted automatically each month on the third Monday of each month. If at any time you select to leave or stop this offering payment for the T2UP-A program your position will be reassigned to the St. Java's master program account and all down line for the T2UP-A will be applied to that master account.

The T2UP-A will populated starting with your 3rd member sponsored and their first two people sponsored.


If you and three friends find just three friends each (a total of twelve coffee drinkers) you can earn $500.00 over and over again, each time you cycle - an unlimited number of times each month. STOP! Read that again. Yes, $500.00. And how much did you invest for your St. Java's Distributorship? You paid $150.00 (one time) for 36 ounces (over 2 pounds) of product (the world's best premium blend coffee), your business web site and back office support. That's it! Of course you can always order more St. Java's to drink and/or resell. And every time you do you're getting paid to for selling and drinking the best coffee in the Kingdom.

We Are Spilling
The Beans on a Great Coffee
Business Opportunity.

It's a perfect time for coffee business opportunities. In the US, coffee is an 18 billion dollar industry and growing every year! In order to put ourselves in a position to capitalize on a coffee business, let's first look at some statistics: - 100 million Americans drink coffee every single day and pay, on average, $1.38 for each cup. - 30 million of those people drink specialty coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos. - 24% of Americans drink 13 or more cups of coffee each week. - The average per day is 3.1 cups. The average American spends $164.71 per year on coffee.

Your Opportunity

Imagine, earning your share of the lucrative American coffee business. Coffee in America is an 18 billion dollar industry. St. Java's lets you own a premium coffee business for a very small investment. You already have friends who drink lots of coffee. They, in turn, also have friends who drink coffee. In many cases, all you have to do is offer them a cup of St. Java's amazing premium blends and they're your customers for life.